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Technological innovation within the EKTACOM team is reflected in the total involvement of our R&D engineers who regularly participate in European and French collaborative projects.


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The consortium of 11 partners is innovating to enrich the regional train offering and redevelop “small lines”. Carbon-free trains, less expensive, more frequent, offering new services…

In TELLi, EKTACOM brings its expertise for teledriving with the robust transmission of video, audio and all the data necessary for the driver whatever the conditions of the communication network. Going digital in the driving cabin is also one of our challenges, with a redesigned interface for this train of the future.



For this project selected by the ANR (National Research Agency), we are working on zero latency and linear video coding with our academic partners: Telecom ParisTech, project leader, CentraleSupelec and INSA Hauts-de-France.

EKTACOM particularly focuses on the problem of delay in the video chain, from the scene filmed by the camera to display on a screen. These considerations are crucial for critical applications such as train remote control or sports coaching. But they are also essential for the user experience, such as during a skipper interview around the world.



The TRISTRAM project (Intelligent TRansmission and Robust video STreaming for Maritime Applications) will provide an optimized and robust data and video broadcasting solution, self-adapting to the context and performance of the means of communication, using the state of the art of video compression. The developed system aims to reduce:

  • Purchasing costs through the use of a single satellite link for a fleet of drones, through the optimization/miniaturization of on-board hardware,

  • The costs of using transmissions by reducing the necessary bandwidth,

  • The costs of energy consumed and embedded by the optimization of the means of compression and transmission of data.

EKTACOM Bretagne is leader of the project which brings together IM-Solutions and INSA IETR.

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Interpolation and enhancement of compressed images and videos for legal evidence

The objective of the IMPROVED project is the study and development of a new generation of tools for improving compressed images and videos used for investigative purposes, while remaining acceptable for judicial use and in the respect for individual freedoms. More specifically, the project aims to address the difficulties encountered by the Scientific Police in the areas of improving videos likely to provide conclusive evidence in a judicial investigation. In IMPROVED, EKTACOM brings its expertise in video compression allowing the establishment of degradation models and a relevant database for the development of improvement algorithms.

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The objective of COPA EUROPE is to address the growing demand for multimedia sports and eSports content by setting up a broadcast platform, personalized for each spectator and using new multimedia technologies. COPA EUROPE provides a Cloud platform allowing the establishment on demand of broadcast channels, addressing sporting competition events. In COPA EUROPE, EKTACOM is in charge of the new generation video broadcast channel, the heart of the project, but also develops technologies based on Artificial Intelligence making it possible to detect and annotate sporting or other events in real time. eSports.


5G Media Hub

5GMediaHUB contributes to the European Union's effort to become a world leader in 5G, by accelerating the testing and validation of innovative multimedia applications put in the form of network applications (NetApps), through an interface open, integrated and tested experimentation platforms. In 5GMediahub, EKTACOM is evolving its live broadcast solution to make it compatible with 5G Edge Computing, with higher speeds and resolutions for better image quality. 5GMediahub allows us to explore new use cases and provides us with a testing and validation solution for our live streaming solution in the form of a Network Application (NetApp), and thus prepare our future products for their compatibility with developments in network technologies.

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FIDAL (Field Trials Beyond 5G), prepares the evolution of 5G technologies by implementing innovative solutions including Artificial Intelligence at the heart of the network. The 20 partners want to push the limits of 5G through 5 test beds and 7 use cases which will be supplemented by an open call for external contributions. These technologies will be validated through large-scale trials, involving players in their specific fields as well as corresponding applications deployed in the form of Network Applications.

FIDAL allows EKTACOM to continue the work started in the 5GMediahub project, with a new event use case, and above all a scale-up making the best use of future developments in mobile telephony (5G+/6G).


6G Bricks

6G-BRICKS prepares the next generation of 6G experimentation infrastructures, studying and implementing the technologies of the future of cellular radio systems and Edge Computing. The results obtained will be illustrated through four use cases implementing innovative multimedia solutions (including metaverse) and for the industry of the future. EKTACOM brings to 6G-BRICKS its expertise in custom design of multimedia broadcasting solutions, which will be optimized and deployed in the context of the project.

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