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NOMADE ACCESS connects you to TV channels, racing organizations, your sponsors and your team. Launch the app, check the status at a glance and start live in one click!

You can choose the camera angle, from the iPhone (front and rear cameras) or an external view (GoPro or IP cameras) with a simple “touch” on the source of your choice.

You hear audio feedback from journalists or your team and can interact with your audience.


The application was specifically designed to facilitate your video communication obligations via a clean interface, which presents you with everything you need and nothing more.


NOMADE ACCESS draws on the functionalities of EKTACOM's NOMADE range, tested in conditions during previous races including the Vendée Globe, the Transat Jacques Vabre or the Jules Verne Trophy.


Enjoy the best possible video quality wherever you are. Our adaptive video codec reacts to satellite or 4G network fluctuations. Our support team supports you.

Broadcast to the widest audience possible during your world tour.

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Based on our low latency and adaptive video codec, it allows the remote driver to view the view from the front of the locomotive in the best possible conditions, whatever the level of the telecommunications network.

Tested in the field on private eGPRS (2G), 3, 4 and now 5G, but also on satellite networks in low or geostationary orbits, Nomade Rails makes it possible to remove a train from a critical zone in the worst conditions ( problem on track, manual recovery of autonomous train, etc.) and to operate remotely with field tests up to 100km/h to date.

Our product is continually enriched thanks to successive R&D projects that integrate it (TC-Rail, 5G-Rail, X2Rail) up to the Innovative Light Train   for which we are adding 3D audio, multiplexing of on-board metadata, but also Artificial Intelligence to detect on-board railway signaling and offer driving aids on the ground.

Like all EKTACOM solutions, Nomade Rails is adaptable to your needs. Contact us to discuss your expectations.

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